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What To Do In Anguilla

No cruise ships . . . no tour buses . . . nearly desserted beaches . . . what is there to do in Anguilla?

In a word, everything.  You’ll love your escape to this sunny secluded island.  Take a look at what the New York Times suggest you do for your first 36 hours:

There are dozens of day trips you can try if you’d like to be active.

Anguilla Beach Tour Itinerary

Amie and friend in Little Bay, circa 2006

Amie and friend in Little Bay, circa 2006

If lying on the same beach all day long isn’t your idea of heaven, no problem: you can rent a private charter boat or a car and visit multiple beaches on the island.  Rendezvous Bay is a beautiful stop, with hard-packed white sand, easy swimming, and great views of St. Martin.  Walk the full length of the cove, stop by the Sunshine Shack for delicious grilled lobster, great music, and some of the friendliest bartenders you’ll meet. If you’re here later in the day, you might stay for some excellent local music at the Dune Preserve.

Go for a dip and then get ready to head to Little Bay for some of Anguilla’s best snorkeling.

The bay is surrounded by tall cliffs on either side with a beach area to hold your belongings while you are down with the fish.  Like all hidden treasures, it’s not easy to get to – you have to take a boat to Little Bay.  Plan to spend a couple of hours watching sea turtles, starfish, and the many brightly-colored schools of tropical fish.

Next up, Meads Bay, a stunning sandy beach that hosts many of Anguilla’s most exclusive resorts along its more-than-a-mile-of-sand.  Start with a drink at Malliouhana, pausing to admire the vintage diver’s helmets in the lobby.

Tear yourself away and walk down the beach to Blanchard’s Beach Shack, an always-busy-because-its-so-delicious restaurant.  Try the bowls for a filling and delicious casual lunch in your bare feet.

Want something a little more posh?  This beach is also home to Jacala, a beautiful high-end French restaurant.  Don’t miss trying the steak tartare, prepared table side by Jacques Borderon.  Warning – don’t order it ‘American style’ or he’ll put catsup in it!

End up at the Four Seasons Sunset Lounge to end your day of beach hopping.  If you’re lucky, Omalie will be playing and you’ll get to enjoy one of the best singers on the island while you wind down from your adventures.

That’s three of Anguilla’s 33 beaches . . . there are endless beach tours available.

For the Foodie: Rib Tour

If you’ve been coming to Anguilla for a long time, you probably already already have your favourite ribs. Authentic roadside barbecue from B&D’s or Ken’s? Table service at Roy’s? Beachside at Sunshine Shack?  All excellent choices.

All of those choices are great, but for me, the best ribs to date happened on Sandy Island.  You’ll have to put some effort into getting there – as in hop catamaran or charter a powerboat to get you there.  You can also take their launch from Sandy Ground.  Put your order in as SOON as you arrive – expect to wait an hour or more no matter what you’ve reserved.  Then spend your time snorkelling, swimming, or just lounging at the stand up bar beside the restaurant.  It’s surreal to be on that tiny island surrounded by turquoise waters and nothing else . . . highly recommended.

Want to stay on island?  We love a trip to da’Vida restaurant in Crocus Bay.  Sit in the shade at da’Vida Bayside and order one of their delicious cocktails.  Their blender makes virgin coladas, too!  Check out their baby back ribs and take in some live music.  Once you’re fueled up, rent a kayak or a paddlesurfer and explore more of Anguilla’s beautiful, pristine beaches.


Anguilla’s Spas 

If a trip to the spa is your idea of heaven, wait until you try Anguilla’s spas on for size.

The picture at the top of the post is my last trip to Cap Juluca’s Arawak Spa . . . busy wasn’t it? They do an amazing job of making you feel like their only priority. Come early and lounge poolside at the main spa while your room treatment room is being prepared. Or the ultimate Caribbean luxury, a beach cabana treatment while you watch the ocean waves.

On the other shore of the island, Malliouhana’s six treatment rooms, private infinity pool, and bespoke products make for a wonderfully unique island experience.

If you’d prefer to have the spa come to you, Body & Soul Spa Services will show up right at your villa. Suzie’s team offer Swedish massages, Thai massages, and maternity massages among other services.

A Trip to Sandy Ground

Clifftop view overlooking Sandy Ground.  Ian and Amie, your hosts, pictured on the right, circa 2004.

Clifftop view overlooking Sandy Ground. Ian and Amie, your hosts, pictured on the right, circa 2004.

No visit to Anguilla is complete without a trip to Sandy Ground. Start up high on Back Street to get a fullsome view of the port and all the beautiful yachts, sailboats, catamarans and dinghies in the bay.

Stop by one of the many restaurants here for a delicious meal of conch fritters, mahi-mahi sandwiches, or ribs, an island specialty.

We love Roy’s Bayside Grill for the unending parade of things to watch while we enjoy a tasty Carib, the local beer. Dad’s Beach Bar’s blender is always whirring, so if you’re thirsty for a daiquirie this is the place to get one.

Don’t miss a stop at Irie Life for beach clothes you’ll love to wear, and beautiful jewelry too.

If you’re feeling adventurous, swim / wade out to the mysterious shipwreck in the harbour. I’ve only done it under a full moon . . . there is probably much more to be seen by daylight!

Salt, Anguilla’s Other Economy

Salt Pond Sunrise

Salt Pond Sunrise, Circa 2017

Salt used to be Anguilla’s primary industry. If you know much about the history of salt, you’ll know at one point it was the world’s currency! Anguilla’s salts provided seasoning for much of the Caribbean and at one time they were shipped as far north as Canada.

Anguilla has several salt ponds and you can buy salt to take home as a souvenier, either in edible form or art form. Salt ponds provide amazing ecosystems for birds, so if you’re a bird watcher, you’ll definitely want to check them out. One of the prettiest is next to Cap Juluca’s private golf course – start there and take a look at the foamy surface.

Next, head mid-island to Sandy Ground, which also has a large salt pond named Road Salt Pond. And the picture shown here is sunrise over a salt pond at the entrance to Rendezvous Bay. Finally, end your tour mid-island at Anguilla Sands and Salts, near Tasty’s restaurant.